Inaugural Post… and other musings

So I’ve wanted a blog for a long time, but just haven’t gotten around to making one. I want to get some things out of the way right off the bat:

I know that my folks, Gina’s folks, my siblings, or even my ex-wife might read what I post here. I know that not everyone agrees with my beliefs or my outlook on life, or anything like that. That’s fine. I don’t particularly care one way or the other. This blog is for ME. It’s my pressure-valve. It’s where I’m going to go for an online journal and post my thoughts and things. That said, I use harsh language sometimes (okay, fuck it… a lot). I make fun of religion and politics. I talk about what I feel like talking about. I’m happy to have folks read my writings, but if the things you read offend you, please don’t read them.

All of that said, I’m not using this place as a forum to rant to people. It’s just a way for me to get funny thoughts and things out of my head. I might talk about my family one day, or my newborn son Easton. I might talk about the time in 9th grade when I got suspended for playing a drum solo in the school talent show. Who knows?

I love my wife and best friend, Gina. I truly believe that she saved my life. I won’t get into details on HOW she did, but she did. I know and she knows.

I love my parents very much. My Dad is one of my personal heroes. My Mom cracks me up and has a personality a lot like mine. That said, I hate that they’re sitting home wasting away in the midwest praying to God to heal them, when they could be using the freedom they have with their lives (my Dad retired a couple years ago) and go DO stuff.

My Ex-wife. I won’t use her real name, but I will give her a pseudonym. There’s a LOT of shit to write about life with her (ugh, I feel bad for her new boyfriend but hey, he’s got money and that’s the best way to keep her happy) but I’ll keep it toned down as much as I can. I guess I’ll just call her Laura.

Me? Call me T. I was once an I.T. computer geek, a professional Soldier, and a professional Musician. (there are plenty of other things too, but I don’t wanna list my damn resume) My favorite food is Ribs, my favorite band in the entire fucking UNIVERSE is Phish, and I’m just a laid back person. I’ve lived a complete life already (no, I don’t believe in reincarnation), and have been embarking on a new one with my best friend and wife.

So yeah… welcome to my Blog. Read around, leave a message, disagree with me, or just stop by and say hi.



About jeebuslubsyou

Die-hard Phish Phanatic who uses this blog as a pressure-valve to get things out. It's basically my online journal. Don't care who reads it really... I'm writing it for me. View all posts by jeebuslubsyou

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